10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Us

Animals have existed on earth long before the first humans lived here. Even though there are people that can do amazing things, their abilities cannot be compared to animals. There are some things that animals will always be better at doing. They include the following.

1. They are better at Holding their Breath

Animals can hold their breath longer than human beings. On average, human beings can hold their breath for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Trained pearl divers can do so for about 7 minutes. However, this is far from what the goose-beaked whale can do. Scientists believe that this mammal can hold its breath for more than two hours.

2. They are better at Lifting

The average man can lift 1.5 times his body weight. On the other hand, animals can lift 10 to 1000 times their body weight. The strongest animal in the world is the dung beetle, which can pull 1141 times its body weight. That’s like an average man pulling 5 heavy trucks that weigh 33,000 pounds.

3. They are better at Fasting

If there is a constant supply of clean drinking water, human beings can go without food for two months without experiencing any serious health defects. On the other hand, crocodiles can go up to one year without food.

4. They are better at Living

Animals are better at preserving themselves and staying alive for centuries. Due to lifestyle choices and diet, most humans cannot live past the age of 80. Interestingly, a turtle can live for more than 150 years. Some experts think that turtles can live so long because they have a slow metabolism.

5. They are better at Running

The fastest sprinter on earth once ran at a speed of 27.5 mph. That means that an average human can run at a much slower rate. However, this is nothing compared to what animals can do. A cheetah can run up to 75 mph.

6. They have better Dental Health

Human beings can only regrow their teeth once. If you lose a tooth a second time, you have to go to the dentist for an implant. Interestingly, sharks can regrow their teeth as many times as possible. Furthermore, if a shark loses a tooth today, it will take a few days for it grow back.

7. They are better at Digesting Food

A human being has one stomach to help in food digestion. People have to chew their food well to allow proper digestion. Unfortunately, most humans eat in a hurry and swallow large chunks, which the stomach struggles to digest. Cows have a more advanced digestive system. These animals have 4 compartments in their stomach that allow them to swallow, re-swallow to chew the grass better, and then swallow again.

8. They have better Vision

Human beings need light to see well. If you switch off the lights, it takes a few seconds to minutes for your eyes to adjust and allow you to see in the dark. Since there isn’t enough light in the dark, human vision is not that good. On the other hand, cats can see very well at night and during the day.

9. They are better at Working

Although some people are hard workers, they cannot defeat the determination of worker ants. A human being can work for hours. However, the brain gets tired and the person eventually falls asleep. Worker ants are different. They are always working day and night to protect the queen and manage resources. Interestingly, worker ants take short one-minute naps as they work.

10. They are better at Swimming

Professional swimmers usually swim at a speed of between 4 to 8 mph. Dolphins are known as the best swimmers on the planet because of how fast they can swim. A dolphin can swim at a speed of 33 mph – that’s faster than some ships. Dolphins have a streamlined body and a bony tailfin that helps them cut through the water.


The above are some of the things that animals are better at doing. Although they might not be very intelligent, they are good at doing the most mundane things and tasks. Animals are better at these things because they depend on them for survival, for example, dolphins have learnt to swim very fast as a way to escape predators.

10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Us

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