Hunter Discovers “Bigfoot” – Scientists Are Stunned After Seeing DNA Test

Dennis set out for a hunting trip in the Amazon rainforest, as he had done many times before. But today would be different. He spotted a mysterious creature in the distance and took a closer look. It was like nothing he had ever seen before, a mixture of a giant gorilla and something almost human-like.

Dennis couldn’t contain his excitement and shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart. He took it to a lab for DNA testing, hoping to prove his discovery to be true. The results came back and everyone was shocked.

What kind of creature was this? The DNA test revealed a truth that no one could have ever imagined. Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes. He had uncovered something that could change the world.

Dennis couldn’t let the world know about his discovery just yet. He had to keep it a secret. But he couldn’t stay quiet for long, he had to find out more about this creature and its origins. He began his own secret mission to uncover the truth.

As Dennis delved deeper into his mission, he discovered things he never could have imagined. He was in danger, but he couldn’t stop now. The truth was too important. What kind of danger will Dennis face as he uncovers the truth? And will he be able to share his discovery with the world?

Dennis lives near the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and often goes hunting there. He hunts for armadillos, capybaras, and/ or deer. He then sells his catches or eats them. He used to go hunting with his father and now does it on his own. But he will never hunt alone again after what happens next.

Dennis has a strict area where he always goes hunting. He knows he always comes back with at least one or two catches. But today, he decided to go somewhere else. He didn’t know why, but he felt drawn to walk more to the south instead of the east. But he didn’t know then what he knows now.

Dennis had thought of a simple solution to finding his way back. He tied little strings around a few trees. He hadn’t been to this particular part of the forest before, so this way, he would know where to go back to. And he would later realize he had made a very smart decision.

After walking for twenty minutes, he stopped and hid behind a fallen tree. There he waited until an animal appeared. He was in a part of the forest that he had never been to before, so he had to be very careful. There could be predators lurking everywhere. And that turned out to be right.

Suddenly, Dennis notices two yellow eyes looking straight at him from a tree. He knows exactly what that means, a jaguar. He slowly steps backward but hears a rustle in the leaves. This startles him, and he begins to run away, not looking at the strings anymore. Not the smartest move in a giant rainforest.

After Dennis had run a few meters, he stopped and began to pant heavily. It was at the time he stopped running that it dawned on him that the animal wasn’t after him all along. But by the time Dennis came to the realization, it was too late as he was in a bigger problem. At the place Dennis stoped, there was no sign of the string trail he had tied to trees earlier.

He began to wonder about how he would find a way out of the forest. Dennis became worried as it was getting late; the last thing he wanted to do was to spend the night in the Amazon Rainforest. Since he didn’t have the knowledge or appropriate equipment to survive in the forest, he needed to look for a way out as soon as possible.

While thinking of the best way to get out of the forest, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. Almost at the same time, everything turned black. After about an hour which to Dennis seemed like a second, he woke up. He couldn’t believe that he had slept.

As his eyes got clearer and he tried to look around, Dennis was startled by what he saw. Dennis realized that he had to a different spot, but he couldn’t wrap his head around how that happened. After trying to think about how Dennis concluded that someone must have moved him there while he was unconscious. As he tried to get up slowly, he touched his head and felt a big, painful bump.

With the pain in his head, he still got up, and while trying to find out how he would be out of the forest, he looked around him. Luckily for Dennis, he saw a familiar string, and with it, he got back to his trail. Carefully he followed the strings and arrived back at his car. He heaved a heavy sigh of relief on seeing his car, and with a grateful heart, he drove home.

Even though he was happy to have found his way back home, Dennis was confused about how he got back to his trail and what had hit him in the head. He slept with so many questions in his heart. To his greatest surprise, he woke up the following day with a great headache and still feeling curious about what had happened the day before.

Since the curiosity to find out what or who had hit him in the head the day before in the forest wouldn’t leave him, he decided to drive back to the Amazon Rainforest. As soon as Dennis got to the forest, he got his gear out of the car trunk and began his journey. Dennis tried to follow the same string trail he had made the day before but got stuck while following it.

Dennis got stuck because he couldn’t remember the route he took when he ran away from the Jaguar. While trying to find his way, a random thought popped into his mind. Dennis decided to follow it, so he walked east even though he had no idea if he was following the right way. After about 30 minutes of walking on the path, he turned around and realized he was totally lost again.

After it dawned on him that he had missed his way again, he began to wonder how it happened. As he was contemplating whether to go back or continue his journey, he heard a loud rustle in the bushes. Since the sound was coming from behind him, he slowly turned around. But immediately, he saw what it was; he dropped to the ground.

When he initially heard the loud rustle, he thought it was a giant gorilla moving behind him. But his assumptions proved wrong because he noticed some strange things as he watched closely. He was gripped with fear by what he saw; Dennis became more frightened when he remembered he was all alone in the forest.

As Dennis watched closely, he saw that the animal stood on two legs but wasn’t entirely straight. He also realized that it had hair all over its body. But the surprising and strange thing about the animal was that it had human-like hands. On seeing these features, a thought ran through his mind and then he wondered if the animal was actually the thought that suddenly shot through his mind.

If the animal was indeed what he thought it to be, then what he saw would be a discovery of a lifetime. He began to wonder how he would prove to his colleagues that he had seen bigfoot in real life. Quickly, he took a picture, but at the same instant, he realized that picture looked photoshopped. Based on his realization, he began to think of better ways to prove what he saw to his colleagues.

Even though Dennis was a hunter, he wasn’t heartless, so killing the animal wasn’t a good choice for him. But he still had to do something, so he took out his tranquilizer as slowly and quietly as possible. He made a sound that wasn’t so loud and stopped to see if the animal heard it.

Luckily for Dennis, at the slight sound, the animal turned around and stood with its back turned towards him. Dennis felt the animal’s reaction was a golden opportunity that, if not taken, might never be regained. At this thought, he jumped up and shot a dart right in the animal’s buttcheek.

Dennis watched carefully as the animal collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. It let out a faint growl but didn’t move. He was still nervous and didn’t approach the animal for another moment just to be sure that it was fully unconscious. If it should wake up and see him that might be the end for him.
Once he was sure that the animal was completely asleep, he walked over to it, and without really looking at it, Dennis grabbed its legs and began to drag it through the forest. He had to stop a few times because it was exhausting work, but he also knew that he had to act fast before the creature woke up.
Finally, Dennis reached the edge of the forest. To his surprise, he wasn’t where he’d started. He could see his truck in the distance, but he had wandered farther north. He needed to get the creature to his truck somehow, but Dennis was tired. He wasn’t sure if he could drag it any further. Was it safe to leave it alone?
Dennis decided that he had no other choice. He left the creature for a few moments to run to his truck, covering it up with leaves and branches before doing so. He drove the truck back to the creature. Thankfully, it was still there. Now he just needed to get it in the truck.

The animal was big and difficult to drag through the forest but to Dennis’ surprise, it was easier to lift than expected. Once he had the creature in the back of the truck he sat down and thought about what to do next. This was a big discovery. He couldn’t just share it with anyone.

Dennis decided that he couldn’t take the creature to a veterinarian. They would want to keep the creature for themselves and claim the discovery. Lucky for Dennis, his brother-in-law was a doctor. Dennis knew that they weren’t the same thing, but he could at least try to get his brother-in-law to do a DNA test. Then they could keep the discovery in the family.

Dennis drove off toward the lab where his brother-in-law, Connor, worked. He had to think of a way to tell Connor about what had happened. He didn’t want to scare him away. After all, it was a big animal and Connor was easy to frighten. It wasn’t going to be easy, but he needed Connor on his side.

It was a half-hour drive to the lab. Dennis looked regularly into his rearview mirror to check on the animal and to make sure that it was still completely unconscious. It looked bigger in the mirror and scarier too. But there was also something familiar. He checked the mirror again when he saw something that shocked him!

The animal had moved. Dennis quickly pulled over to the side of the road and took a look at the animal. It was starting to move and Dennis had to move fast. He pulled out his gun and shot another tranquilizing dart into the other buttcheek of the animal. It went limp again, but Dennis was certain it wouldn’t last long. He had to get moving.

Dennis continued down the road, moving faster than before. It wasn’t long before he noticed that a cop was on his trail. He didn’t have time to slow down, but he didn’t have much of a choice. Dennis turned into an alleyway just in time and the cop passed him. Dennis couldn’t wait any longer and continued to the lab.

Dennis pulled up to the lab and was thankful that he hadn’t gotten pulled over. How would he have explained the creature to the cops? This was the find of a lifetime. This could change everything! He didn’t know exactly what he had but the word that came to mind was bigfoot. But that was ridiculous. Dennis quickly shook his head and headed for the lab.

Dennis knocked on the lab door and waited. No one answered so he knocked again. He waited but there came no reply. He was impatient now and banged on the door continuously until he could hear movement on the other side. He hoped it was Connor.

The door opened and on the other side was Dennis’ brother-in-law. He was angry. “Dennis, what the hell are you doing here?!” “Connor!” Dennis answered, “I have something amazing I need you to look at for me.” It was then that he showed Connor the creature, but would Connor stay calm?

Connor looked at the creature with confusion and amazement. Luckily, the animal was still asleep in the back of Dennis’ truck. He told Dennis that the creature was certainly fascinating, but he wasn’t sure what he could do. Dennis had a few ideas.

Connor explained to Dennis that he didn’t have a lot of time to investigate a random animal. He had patients to look at and his next appointment was in ten minutes. Dennis was upset but didn’t let the matter go. This was important. He told Connor that this was the find of a lifetime and that they should at least run a few tests. Would Connor say yes?

Dennis asked Connor to at least take a DNA sample for some tests so they could identify exactly what the creature was. Connor hesitated a little, but soon he said yes. He was just as curious as Dennis was. He grabbed the things he needed and took a DNA sample from the creature. But things were about to get complicated.

Dennis knew he couldn’t keep the creature at the lab and this was confirmed to him by his brother-in-law. He needed to figure out where to keep it while Connor ran the tests. He knew the creature was going to wake up and he didn’t feel right about putting another tranquilizing dart in it. After all, two was probably already too much.

With no better options, Dennis drove home and put his truck inside the garage. He bound the creature to his truck more tightly and wait for his brother-in-law to call. He paced the garage for what felt like hours all the while keeping a close eye on the animal. It was bound to wake up any time now.

Connor took his appointments, but also made time to test the DNA. He was incredibly curious and looked at the results between seeing patients. But as he read the results he turned pale and was met with more questions such as, “How is this possible?”

Connor immediately called Dennis and told him the results. Dennis was in shock when he heard the results of the DNA test. But he also knew exactly what he had to do. Dennis quickly got back in his truck and drove back to the forest where he’d originally been. Time was not on his side.

Connor tried to call him a few more times, but Dennis knew what Connor would do if he got ahold of him. He would want the creature back to be studied 24/7 by a team of scientists and doctors. That wasn’t a life for anyone. Hopefully, he could get the creature back before it woke up.

Once back in the forest, Dennis untied the creature and checked to make sure it was still asleep. It was. Thankfully, the two tranquilizing darts were very effective. He dragged the creature back to the spot where he found him and checked to make sure it was unharmed. It was then that it moved.

Dennis quickly left the creature and watched from a distance as it stood up. It looked bewildered and disoriented. Nevertheless, Dennis knew he had made the right decision as he watched it walk deeper and deeper into the forest and out of sight. But Connor still wanted answers.

Dennis came out of the forest and finally answered the phone. Connor yelled at him saying, “You need to bring him to me immediately!” Connor frantically explained that he had let the creature go back into the forest. “But he is HUMAN!” Connor yelled.

Dennis hung up on his brother-in-law and returned to his car. He needed to get away from here before someone noticed. As soon as Connor told him that the DNA results had come back human, Dennis knew that he needed to let the man go back to his home in the forest.

As for Dennis, he stopped hunting in that part of the forest. He knew that Connor or others may try to follow him and get their “creature” back. The man was never seen again and Dennis made it his mission to protect the forest and the people within it, especially from people like his brother-in-law.

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.

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