Poor lifestyle is more damaging to your health than low dose radiation

Poor lifestyle poses a serious threat to your overall health. This threat is so serious scientists have recently said there is less of a risk for your health from low level radiation than from unhealthy lifestyle.

It has been reported by the University of Oxford that there is less harm to your health from low level radiation than from other risks from poor lifestyle. Serious lifestyle risks for health include smoking, exposure to air pollution and obesity.


The exposure of people to ionizing radiation has increased in this era due to its extensive use in medicine, industry and the military. It is clear there are extensive risks to the health of people from medium and high level radiation. There is increased risk of developing some types of cancer from exposure to these levels of radiation.

The risks from low level radiation have not been as clear. Scientists say that there is only a small risk to the health of people from exposure to low level radiation, particularly in comparison to modern day poor lifestyle risks such as smoking, obesity and air pollution.

The Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences has published this study. It has not been clear what the health effects of exposure to low doses of radiation are. Scientists have concluded the risk to health from low level radiation is minimal in comparison to an unhealthy lifestyle. Clearly, people should be encouraged to avoid exposure to medium and high dose radiation and to adhere to a healthy lifestyle in order to promote overall good health.

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