These TV Anchors Were Caught On Camera And Will Go Down In History

Animals Do What They Want

In any event, when a journalist isn’t dealing with a creature straightforwardly, wild creatures will regularly figure out how to intrude on a news channel. Fox 40 News Sabrina Rodriguez was shooting a report on the Lodi Grape Festival when a startling companion displayed for their brief encounter with popularity. In all honesty, a brassy monkey held onto his opportunity and braced his paw on her right bosom!

Ever the expert, Rodriguez continued with her fragment and surprisingly endeavored to kid about it! “He’s attempting to cop a tad of reel.” Despite Rodriguez’s endeavors, Mickey actually wouldn’t eliminate his paw! Thus, the anchor immediately closed down, apparently to have a harsh word with the creature overseer!

Hey, Put This On

Oddly enough, everybody truly appears to mind what their neighborhood climate lady wears each day. Particularly KTLA Meteorologist Liberte Chan! At some point, the climate lady was just taking care of her work when one of the makers gave her a sweater on air.

As one would, while still live, Chan asked him for what good reason she expected to get into the sweater. “We’ve been getting a ton of messages,” he answered. Evidently, watchers didn’t believe Chan’s dark dress was fitting for the morning climate. In the wake of putting on the pullover, the meteorologist said she looked “like an administrator.” Still, Chan apologized in the event that she outraged anybody and furthermore guaranteed she wouldn’t wear the dress once more!

An Awkward Kiss

Everything seemed fine as Fox Sport’s Erin Andrews covered the Daytona 500 in Florida in 2013 – until rapper 50 Cent went in for an unwanted kiss! At the time, Andrews was trying to find Danica Patrick when she happened to stumble across 50 Cent. He seemed to be very excited to see Andrews and gave her an unexpected kiss on the cheek. Meanwhile, Andrews turned her head this way and that, attempting to dodge the rapper’s lips.

Try Not To Laugh When You See These TV Anchors Caught Off Guard!

After hearing a lot of it, 50 Cent later tweeted, “Hey, I wanted to kiss her, so I did.” A few months later, Andrews told her side of the story, taking some of the blame. “It was my fault!” she told Access Hollywood. “I was rushed – none of the drivers were in their spot for the Daytona 500 pit walk.”

The Leg Syndrome

It seems that Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle simply just cannot stay away from controversy. As one of the famously leggy Fox News anchors, the network always makes sure to highlight Guilfoyle’s legs while live on air. So it’s really no surprise that with all that attention might rile up some of the network’s more conservative viewers.

She Was Doing Her Job Like This? TV Anchors Caught On Camera!

In fact, Guilfoyle’s famous legs have been known to distract not only the audience, but even her fellow news anchors! Believe it or not, she’s needed to switch to something more modest multiple times while on Fox, due to Twitter comments! Maybe its time to bring in a pantsuit or two!

“Get Lucky”

You Won't Believe What TV Anchors Were Caught Doing On Camera!

Let’s face it: all news anchors have a hard job – and that includes the meteorologists! No matter what happens behind the scenes, reporters, anchors, and the like need to always remain professional. However, occasionally, the producers and crew need to have just a little fun to blow off some steam. Mexican weather woman and model Yanet Garcia is known for wearing tight, revealing clothing while reading the daily forecast for channel Televisa Monterrey. While wearing a particularly short dress, producers selected the very suggestive Daft Punk song “Get Lucky” as Garcia’s exit music.

However, instead of getting angry at the prank, the meteorologist could not help but crack up. Garcia handled it like a true star, blowing a kiss at the camera as she laughed. What a good sport!

A Little Cold In Here

It’s nearly impossible to check that everything is perfect before going live on air. Just ask meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett of channel KRON 4 in San Fransisco. In her dressing room on October 17, 2010, Bennett thought the cute blouse she had picked out would look great on television. Unfortunately, she had not considered the combination of the cold studio and very bright camera lights. The two together made her shirt nearly see-through!

Image Source:MC Phong La/Youtube

While the internet may have thoroughly enjoyed Bennett’s slip-up, she never let it get her down. She continues to report the weather to Americans nationwide, now for Spectrum News 1.

15 Seconds of Fame

Just like people, it seems dogs cannot wait for their 15 seconds of fame! During a sleepy, late-night newscast, Russian anchorwoman Ilona Linarte felt something very strange underneath her desk. Next, she jumped and screamed, startled by a bark in the middle of her report! As it turns out, an adorable black Labrador retriever had decided to walk under the desk and still the show. The pup even jumped up next to Linarte, nabbing some airtime!

TV Anchors Get Caught On Camera In An Unexpected Moment!
Image Source: SgtPainkillers/Youtube

Later, Linarte explained that the dog had come with another guest and then got loose. Sadly, it does not seem the canine will co-host again anytime soon. “I actually prefer cats,” Linate said. “I’m a cat lady.”

On To Bigger and Better Things

People could not believe their eyes when Mexican meteorologist Nailé López walked on camera on August 12, 2016. She wore a bright red vest and a pair of very short, revealing brown shorts. As you might have guessed, it caused an immediate sensation online, with a debate raging over the appropriateness of the outfit.

What These TV Anchors Were Caught Doing On Camera Will Shock You!
Image Source: MTYtv /Youtube

Like many other young meteorologists, López has actually used her wardrobe malfunctions to her advantage. After the storm her outfit caused online, she decided to use her newfound fame and become a model! While López still reports the weather occasionally, she certainly makes plenty of money from her modeling gigs as well!

“Weather” You’re Visible or Not

Of course, transparency is incredibly essential in news media. However, Los Angeles-based meteorologist Liberte Chan took things to a new level when she literally turned invisible to viewers as she talked about the day’s forecast!

Most Awkward Scenes That Have Ever Happened On Live TV
Image Source:KTLA 5, Maestro Thaivisa/YouTube

In case you can’t tell from the photo above, Chan just happened to wear a dress that blended a little too well with the green screen. Surprisingly, this is not the first time she’s done something like that. You think Chan would learn! Thankfully, a helpful colleague was there to offer her his blazer! By the next go around, the weatherwoman had changed into something a tad more appropriate for the morning weather.

Keep It On The Field!

Everything seemed fine as reporter Laura Rutledge worked the sideline of a University of Georgia vs. University of Massachusetts football game in 2018. However, in the blink of an eye, Rutledge took a tough blow as Georgia player Prather Hudson slammed into her, sending her to the ground. Thankfully, the reporter was not seriously injured, laughed it off, and even kept on reporting

Viewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live Tv
Image Source: Instagram/ Laura Rutledge copped a huge hit. Image: ESPN

Not one to miss a beat, Hudson tweeted an apology to Rutledge after the game, writing: Hey @LauraMRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but… I can pick you up at 7.” Sadly for Hudson. His proposed date did not happen. If you didn’t know, Laura Rutledge is married to professional baseball player Josh Rutledge of the Boston Red Sox.

Overnight Sensation

Sometimes, all it takes is one eagle-eyed viewer to expose a blooper that no one else noticed. Mexican weather girl Susana Almeida did not feel anything had gone wrong when she presented the morning weather for 4 Televisa Guadalajara on March 5, 2016. However, the brunette meteorologist failed to notice that she was having a bit of a pants mishap, showing off a bit more than she intended to the audience.

Image Source: raiden74 -Carlos Varela/Youtube

Unfortunately for Almeida, a sharp-eyed viewer noticed, recorded the segment, and uploaded it to YouTube. Within just 24 hours, it received more than 37,000 views! Almeida took the wardrobe malfunction in stride and returned to work the very next day – albeit with less tight pants.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Everything started off normally at the beginning of this CNN segment. News anchor Poppy Harlow, who was pregnant at the time, was live, discussing the war against ISIS with reporter Becky Anderson. Suddenly, Harlow’s speech started to slow, then slur. When she began having trouble breathing, CNN cut to commercials, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats!

Viewers Had To Look Away When This Happened On Live Tv
Image Source:CNN, Inside Edition

Thankfully, Harlow later revealed she was ok. “For all of you on Twitter who are asking if I’m ok, thank you so much, I got a little hot, and I passed out for a moment, I’m fine, we’re going to take a quick break, and we’ll be right back,” Harlow told viewers when she returned.

Charissa Thompson’s Direct Hit to the Eye

While she might be making even more on Fox Sports now, Charissa Thompson first got her start back on ESPN in the early 2000s. Eventually, she worked her way up to becoming the co-host of SportsNation along with Marcellus Wiley, where she stayed until she departed the network in 2013. However, before she left, Thompson gave us one of the best news anchor bloopers ever!

The Most Hilarious News Anchor Moments Caught On Live TV
Image Source:Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock, Dannys Uncanny/YouTube

“Well, the best thing about this show is not taking yourself too seriously,” Thompson prefaced the blooper. Then, SportsNation cut to a behind-the-scenes clip where someone nailed Thompson right in the eye with a paper ball! And, from the look on her face, it looks like it must have hurt a bit!


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