Hilarious Gym Photos That Will Leave You In Tears

The gym is a genuinely mysterious haven. Filled with fitness junkies, sophisticated machines, funky smells, and outrageous outfits, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t yet acquainted with its peculiarities. Frequent gym-goers tend to get used to this strangeness over time; so much so that some of them even become part of the landscape – adding their own twist of craziness and making newcomers tilt their heads in confusion.

Next time you hit the gym, be sure to keep an eye out for the hilarious people and funny details around you – the laughs you get may well be the secret to developing that coveted six-pack! To get you started, we’ve collected the most hilarious gym moments ever captured on camera. From a parrot trying to exercise like a human to a guy knitting on the treadmill, we’ve got something for every sense of humor. If you’re ready for a good laugh, read on! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite crazy gym moment.

Gym Twins

Let’s kick off our crazy gym list with a gorgeous pair of identical twins. Though they did use the #twinning hashtag when they shared this snap, and though their coordinated outfits, hair, and makeup are no accident, there’s more to their matching style than meets the eye.

The twin on the right is named Jina while the one on the left is named Gina. Apparently, their parents were determined to leave everyone confused! These super-fit sisters have proven to the world that twins make the perfect gym buddies.

A Pop Of Color

Who needs a pop of color? Obviously, this woman does. Why wear an all-black ensemble if she can rock some loud, sweet pink running shoes at the gym? We understand her fashion statement and we couldn’t be prouder of her confidence. But many people notice a pop of something else when they look at this picture.

This girl’s hourglass figure is so pronounced it almost looks photoshopped. From the cheeky look on her face, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’d stuffed some padding in her tights to create this look. Whether it’s real or not, we still give her points for confidence!

Out Of Proportion

While many people who begin working out have a clear goal in mind for the body part(s) they want to work on, it’s important not to disregard the rest of your body. Maybe you’re keen on abs or big biceps, but you need to maintain balance. Perhaps someone should’ve said as much to the guy in this picture.

This is worthy of being added to the “you forgot leg day” meme pile. We hope he’ll see the error in his ways and dedicate some time to bringing balance back to his body.

Father Of The Year?

It’s nice to know that a baby can be a cute workout buddy. For some exercises? Yes. But for extreme weightlifting? Absolutely not! This dad seems to care much about having bigger and better arms that he’s willing to neglect the safety of his baby.

You have to admit, holding these huge weights above both their heads is not the brightest idea. We bet the baby’s mom went hysterical the moment she saw this photo. Dear dads – never ever try this at home or even in the gym. Just carrying your baby around and maybe dancing with the little cutie will make for a much safer workout.


Even mascots love the gym. This photo is proof that Ronald McDonald’s favorite way of pampering himself is by staying fit. The thing is, it looks like he’s having a hard time lifting up those puny weights. While we know that first-day syndrome can cause weakness, it might be better for Ronald to stick to what he knows best.

By the way, this is not a paid ad to demonstrate that McDonald’s crispy fried chicken and cheeseburgers are actually good for you. But if you do indulge in a sneaky junk food treat, it might be worth following Ronald’s example and working it off in the gym!

You’re Planking Wrong

Planking is a popular and effective way to work out your arms and abs, with minimum cardio involved. Many people enjoy doing planks as part of their exercise routine, and it’s kinda fun to see how long you can hold it. However, this woman’s take on planking has us baffled.

It’s unclear whether she was going for the weights and just gave up or was trying to do a plank and failed. Whatever her motives were, we firmly believe that lying down on top of weights will not make her stronger through osmosis. Wait, is she planking or pranking us?

Creative Planking

“United we stand, divided we fall” seems to be the motto of this team. This has to be one of the most inventive planking methods we’ve ever seen. In all seriousness though, this could end up going horribly wrong if someone loses his strength before the rest of the group is ready to jump off.

We love their innovative concept and we agree that you have to think outside the box when you don’t have much equipment to work with. However, we would recommend less extreme means to strengthen your core muscles than building a human stack. It really wouldn’t take that much to make them all collapse.

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have long-since been recognized as man’s best friend. From guarding our houses 24/7 to lifting our spirits whenever we’re tired from a long day of work, these adorable creatures are simply irresistible. Isn’t it amazing that our pets can even join us in the gym? How about displaying their natural instinct to mimic our every move while we were working out?

This snap of two great buddies enjoying their quality time together is a big mood that sends out a positive vibe. Now that you’ve seen this, do you think it might be time to invite your fluffy, tail-wagging best friend to the gym?

The Gifted One

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the cool skater gal in your group of friends? Meet this gifted young lady who was able to kill two birds with one stone! Not only is she a gym buff but she is also able to sit on a skateboard while doing sit-ups! Isn’t she amazing?

This is an impressive skill that we have never witnessed before. Look at the confidence and balance she portrays, carrying out her neat trick with a cheeky grin on her face.

Music Is Life

Music is soothing for the soul – it creates a great mood and positive vibes, helping you make a faster transition from machine to machine by keeping your motivation high. In the gym, a lot of people rely on the power of music to boost their energy as they shift into workout mode.

They usually have a list of tracks prepared ahead of time, each one selected for its ability to increase the adrenaline in their bodies and pump up their heart rate. This guy clearly ran out of battery on his phone, but instead of missing out on his music fix, he thought of another way to pump up the jams!

Cupcake Break

Despite signing and paying in full for a membership at their local gym, there are people who show up for the sake of making a joke out of the whole deal. This guy looks like he’s had enough boring workouts and is in the mood to make a mockery of his personal trainer.

He decided to do the opposite of what his instructor told him. Instead of busting out reps, he’s got a magazine in one hand and a cupcake in the other. Perhaps it’s his cheat day? In all seriousness, you deserve to give in to your cravings every once in a while, so long as you stay committed to your goals.

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