Girl Gives Garbage Man A Cupcake Every Week, Dad Decides To Follow Him And Discovers Why

Tim was looking out the window when he saw his daughter sneaking out. She ran to the garbage man and handed him a cupcake, which he thought was suspicious. He asked her why she was doing this, to which she did not answer. It became even more remarkable when she continued to do this weekly. Tim decided to take matters into his own hands and follow the garbage man to a secluded place to confront him.

Little did Tim know that confronting this garbage man would turn his life upside down…

Tim was not going to let this garbage asshole get away with this. Whatever he was doing to his daughter, it was going to stop now. Tim knows that he is in no position to make such a call, but he does not care. He saw his chance and was not going to let it slip away from him…
Tim rushed towards the garbage man when he saw his chance and pushed him against the wall. This time there was nobody around to see what he was doing, and he demanded answers. The garbage man seemed shaken but also strangely confident in what he was about to tell Tim

The shaking father slowly loosened his grip as he felt his world collapse around him. He had taken so many possibilities into account, but not this. It never even crossed his mind…But why was Simone giving the garbage man cupcakes every week? Why was Tim so suspicious of it, and shook him so much about the garbage man’s explanation?

For a while, Tim had no idea what his young daughter Simone was up to with the garbage man that came by weekly. And this was not because he was an involved father or anything, but was more due to the restraining order that his now ex-wife Jessica had against him…

In the divorce, Jessica had gotten full custody over Simone. Tim did not agree with this at all but did not have much choice in the matter. Jessica and her lawyer had built up enough evidence for him being a bad husband and father to convince the judge…

But all this did not stop Tim from wanting to keep an eye on his daughter as he still thought that he was the perfect person to protect her from the dangers of this world. And the main danger seemed to come from his daughter’s strange interactions with a suspicious garbage man…

Being a protecting and somewhat unstable father, he thought this strange tradition with the cupcake and the garbage man to be worrisome. Because Tim could not ask his daughter or his ex-wife why Simone was doing this, he knew that his only chance to find out would be to confront the garbage man himself.

After having seen this interaction a handful of times, Tim knew exactly what day and time the man would come by. When it was happening again the week after, the concerned father was waiting for the garbage truck at the start of the neighborhood’s street and when he arrived Tim stepped in front and demanded the truck to stop.

The garbage man, obviously baffled, got immediately berated by questions when he stepped out of his truck. Tim insisted on getting an answer to the question about why he was getting cupcakes from that little girl every time that he visited her street. The confused garbage man did not answer Tim immediately…
Even though Tim did not say who he was, the garbage man had already figured out who he was dealing with here. The man had been in waste service for many years and therefore he knew what was going on in his neighborhood. Apparently, he had heard some stories about Simone’s father and had recognized that this had to be him.

With a stern tone the garbage man firmly told Tim to get lost. Even though he was confronting the much younger and clearly physically stronger man, he was confidant in doing so since a handful of people from the street had come out of their houses to see what was happening. Tim had noticed this as well…
The father was playing a risky game and he was aware of it. He knew that if these people would recognize him and tell Jessica that he was around, it could lead to getting into deep trouble. He decided to quickly make his way out if the neighborhood. Still, if it was up to Tim, this was not going to be their last encounter.

The fact that he learned about the garbage man knowing his identity only gave Tim more reason to be suspicious about what the hell he was doing with his daughter. One way or another, the concerned father was going to get to the bottom of this, because something fishy was definitely going on here.
Tim went back through the other side of the district, went around and arrived at the start of the old street he lived at when he was still married. From a distance, he watched the garbage man arrive at his old home and saw he Simone running out of the house with a cupcake in her hand. The man kneeled down next to the little girl and they started talking.

Tim watched the conversation carefully from his car, although he figured that the dialogue would probably not be about him despite what had just happened. Jessica was clear about not wanting to know Simone about him yet. If the garbage man knew about Jessica’s past then he would also know about the topics to be avoided.

The father could not come any closer this time and he did not feel conformable following anyone anymore today. This meant that he had a week now to come up with a different plan and it didn’t take long before something popped into his mind. The garbage man had no idea what kind of car he was driving, so this was a card he could still play.
The plan was simple: follow the garbage man as far as to a place at which not many people could recognize him anymore, so that there was no issue in confronting him. But what Tim could not do anymore was to start following him from his old neighborhood. This was the final missing piece in his brilliant scheme.

Who knows how long his route would be after that? To avoid risky business, Tim figured that his best chance was to just wait at the garbage dump that next week until the shift of the garbage man would end. Was he really about to follow a stranger to his own home? It turned out that this was exactly what he wanted to do.

The plan was executed how Tim had prepared it. He knew that the garbage man made his route past the neighborhood around noon, which meant that he would arrive back a little after that for lunch and probably to eat the weekly cupcake. Tim was parked near the garbage plant and waited patiently.

This went less smooth than he had imagined before, however. For hours he waited there, seeing garbage truck after garbage truck showing up at the parking place, but no sign of the familiar and targeted man for today. Not until the early evening. Didn’t this man like to have lunch together with his colleagues?

It was eventually one of the last garbage trucks that returned that day at which Tim recognized the man in work cloths that stepped out. The father of Simone had been waiting for hours now. Where his patience and calmness was still there in the morning, they had now made way for uneasiness and anger.
This anger was only getting worse when he saw the garbage man stepping out of his truck and reaching for something in his bag. A beautiful cupcake came out that was carefully placed in a plastic tray. This was clearly the cupcake with the most details and decorations that Tim had yet seen in the garbage man’s hands. The fact that this was given by his own daughter made him furious.

Tim got out of his car, still shaking from the anger he felt after having observed the garbage man. He did this slowly, since he was not sure yet how he was going to approach the targeted person. After having decided that it would be best to just casually walk to his direction, he was was almost instantly spotted, which stopped the garbage man is his tracks.

Tim got closer very fast, as for him this felt like an ‘all or nothing’ moment. For all he knew there would be other people around. After having stepped right in front of this guy in the orange uniform, he was surprised to detect a faint smile on his face. He felt like the man was challenging him. Wasn’t his arrival intimidating enough?

He started talking with a strong and angry voice, saying to the other individual that he had no choice but to confront him again. He demanded an answer to the question as to why his daughter was giving him cupcakes. However, the garbage man just laughed in his face and said that it was none of his business.

This really got to Tim, who was clearly on the verge of losing his mind and getting physical with the man in uniform. Right when he was preparing to make a move, he heard voices behind him. After turning his head he realized that colleagues of his opponent had stepped out of the building. And they’d seen what had been happening.

Now that he was outnumbered by the men in orange, he knew and also felt that there was no use in getting physical if he didn’t want to leave this place in pain himself. And so his anger started to turn into desperation. Tim chose a new strategy by nearly begging for the garbage man to explain what was going on.

The colleagues kept watching the scene from a slight distance in complete confusion and the garbage man waved them away. He told them that he had the situation under control and that there was no need to worry. The men knew him well enough to understand. After this, he turned towards Tim again…

This time Tim could actually see his face changing into a more serious one. He told the father of the child that he really needed to stay away from him from now on, as well as from his ex-wife and daughter. He knew that the judge had forbidden Tim from seeing his the two or getting in contact with them in any way.

Now that he revealed that he’d been spying on his daughter giving the garbage man cupcakes, he had for sure broken the agreement. Still, the garbage man promised Tim to keep this all to himself, if Tim would indeed leave them all alone for good. He added that this time would really be his last chance to do the right thing.

But Tim was not listening anymore to his words. After hearing about the garbage man revealing his knowledge about the decision of the judge in their divorce case, he could think of nothing else. How in the hell did this man know about that? That was as private as could be and therefore this man was infiltrating in his private life.

When the garbage man was done talking, waiting for the decision the father was suppose to make, Tim did not talk back anymore. He just looked at him and kept nodding. He did not care about the conversation anymore and drifted off into thoughts. He had only one thing on his mind now and the uniformed man realized he lost him.

He decided to leave the seemingly confused guy, got in his private car that was parked some twenty meters away and drove off. Tim snapped back to reality at this moment and made a quick mental note of the license plate. With the same determination as before he knew that this man would be found again, whatever it would take.

Tim was boiling with anger again when the car was driving away over the horizon. But most of all, he was incredibly curious how the garbage man from his ex-wife’s neighborhood knew about his history. This was sensible information, he thought, as he drove home. He took a detour past his old home. Maybe Tim could catch a glimpse of his family?

He entered the street that was in many ways so familiar to him. But driving past the old house, Tim saw something that he did not expect to see at all. It was not a glimpse of his family, but rather a full view of a very familiar car. The grey station wagon parked in front was without a doubt the vehicle of the garbage man!

Even the number plate matched and when Tim saw this he lost it completely. His heart started beating wth great speed and right through his chest. What in the world was this man doing here at this hour? Was he already telling his wife about the fact that the father of her child had been hanging around here?

And he just wanted to protect his family! With all the right intentions he’d come here again, but a lot was now at stake. Someone had to protect the two from dangerous individuals like the garbage man, right? Who knows what this imposter was now doing to them behind the walls of his old home…

In Tim’s mind, seeing this was reason enough to go beyond the limits and break his restraining order. His plan was actually very simple. He was going to go into the house and rescue his family from the garbage man. Then they would surely love him enough again to take him back, wouldn’t they?

Tim parked his car on the front lawn and ran outside towards the door. No one saw him coming and without a second thought he kicked in the front gate while screaming that they should not worry and that he was going to take care of this lying intruder. But when he got into the living room, he saw what was really happening.

He saw his daughter sitting on the ground playing, while his ex-wife sat close by on the sofa with the arm of the garbage man wrapped around her. Not for long, though, because the man immediately stood up when he saw Tim. They were all looking at him now and for a moment no one knew what to do.

Before Tim himself could understand what was happening in the house, he was already tackled to the ground by the other man in the living room. Tim was laying there, frozen, and did not resist much. The garbage man from before was pinning him to the ground now, while he heard his ex-wife calling the police.

Tim had really done it this time, as he realized soon after. He was basically breaking and entering the house which he’d already had a restriction order on, which on paper looked very bad for him. The police had no other choice but to arrest him right when they arrived. At least Tim got the answers that he had been looking for…

The man that had been picking up garbage in the neighborhood was named Oliver, Tim finally learned. He was actually his ex-wife’s new boyfriend! He wasn’t only receiving cupcakes from his girlfriend’s daughter, he was spending most evenings and nights at her house as well. Tim was truly astonished when he finally learned this.

Oliver connected really well with Tim’s daughter, and vice versa she had taken a real liking to him. She was acknowledging him as an actual dad at this point. This was something that really broke the heart of her former dad, who wanted nothing more than to protect them and feel connected to his family in any way.

It was Tim’s time to serve. Locked away, it really made him reflect on all the mistakes he’d made in his life that led him to this point. He had been so obsessed lately, which had led to total confusion. On top of that, he had been a terrible father and husband and he understood why his ex-wife did what she did.

Tim came to peace with himself, making his time in jail much better than he’d initially thought. He promised himself to do better when he would get out and hoped that when the time was right he could get a chance to make it up to his ex-wife and to finally get a real connection with his daughter. And this time he actually meant all of these things.This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.

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