Golden Retriever Has The Best Reaction To Getting A New Puppy


Watching the smile on someone’s face is always a gratifying experience. Seeing the smile on a dog’s face, however, is absolutely magical. It’s impossible not to smile when you see a happy dog.
That is what makes a recent viral video so satisfying.


One family decided to surprise their golden retriever with something special. Once the dog saw the surprise his reaction was amazing. Some dogs might not enjoy a newcomer to their territory, however, this dog clearly didn’t mind.
And when you see the newcomer, who can blame him?


The family’s dog was a satisfied and happy dog, wanting for nothing. The family, however, decided it was time to add someone new to their happy family. However, they felt that their dog needed a sibling.
That’s why they brought home a new puppy.


The video starts with Bella, the new puppy, being loaded into a bag before being brought in. Boomer can be seen eagerly waiting to see what is going on. When his owner finally comes inside, he immediately starts sniffing the mysterious bag.
Then the bag gets placed on the floor.


Boomer starts to sniff the head of the puppy in the bag. Bella, for her part, sits entirely still. Boomer starts to wander around excitedly when Bella finally moves and Boomer immediately charges back.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief to see the dog reacting so well.

Boomer And Bella

Boomer has always been a happy dog but his reaction to the new puppy, named Bella, was uncertain. That’s why the positive response was so great. Boomer was absolutely ecstatic when he met her new little sister.
However, there’s more to them than first meets the eye.

Family Ties

Boomer is one and a half years old and that means he’s still a pup himself. When he meets his 8-week-old sister, he immediately knows that there’s something different about her. But what could it be? Simple, Bella is really his sister.
That’s right, both dogs have the same parents!


It was clear that the family had made a good decision and that their already happy dog would only be happier. The two dogs instantly bonded and you can see that there will be a lot of love and joy in their future.
Boomer is so excited that he can’t help but charge around the room in pure excitement and happiness.


Little Bella finally climbs out of the bag and starts to explore her new home. Boomer, however, is so excited he immediately starts to play with his little sister. Boomer’s tail wags wildly while he repeatedly does the “play-bow”.
It isn’t long before Bella relents and soon she is playing with her big brother.

Happy Family

Who wouldn’t like to be surprised by being given a new puppy? No matter how happy you are, no one can come close to this dog’s excitement. Boomer’s pure unadulterated joy is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
This just proves that making a new friend is just as exciting and important to dogs as it is to humans.

Golden Retriever Has The Best Reaction To Getting A New Puppy

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