The Right Fit: A Guide to Choosing Your Pet

When you decide that a new pet is a perfect addition to your family, then you are in for a life-changing experience that will last for years to come. However, deep thought and consideration are crucial in the decision to adopt a pet. Many criteria will go into choosing the right pet to fit your […]

5 Animals That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Science-fiction has been giving us strange animals for centuries. Whether the tales involve sea monsters taking down sailing ships or wild carnivores stalking people in the woods, fiction has often given us animals that are both strange and terrifying. But the world is filled with animals that are even stranger than the fictional ones residing […]

How Parrots Learn to ‘Parrot’

Parrots are beautiful. They are brightly colored and simply incredible to look at. They’re also easier to care for than a dog or cat, requiring less maintenance and day to day attention. But despite all these advantages, there’s one reason parrots maintain their hold on the human imagination: they can talk! There is no other […]

10 Things Animals Can Do Better Than Us

Animals have existed on earth long before the first humans lived here. Even though there are people that can do amazing things, their abilities cannot be compared to animals. There are some things that animals will always be better at doing. They include the following. 1. They are better at Holding their Breath Animals can […]

How Pets Show Their Love and Affection

We all love our animals, but have you ever wondered if they love us back? If so, how do they express those emotions? What do scientists think? Do Animals Feel Emotion: The Scientific Debate This idea has been studied by scientists for decades, and new research suggest that animals are capable of feeling empathy. Carl […]