How Much Does Your Best friend Cost? These Are The Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

Selecting the perfect dog for you and your household pet is nothing to take lightly. Cost is often a deal-breaking factor. There are many things to consider. Aspects to consider include the dog’s breed, personality, temperament, how smart the dog is, and how they look. Of course, how much the dog costs may determine whether or not you can actually make the dog your own. Following are 45 of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Whether or not they are within your budget, this information is something that everyone looking for a dog as a pet needs to know.

Ibizan Hound

Average Cost Between $800-$1,200

This luxurious hound is among Spain’s most well-known breeds. The beginning of this breed goes back to 3400 BC and comes from Ibiza. Ibiza is a most-enjoyed tourist destination. The price tag on this breed stems from their friendly personality and polite demeanor. The Ibizan Hound tend to be great with families. The downside is that they are also quite rare. On a list published in 2019, this dog ranked close to the bottom half in terms of popularity. They are a lean, agile dog and are part of the hound family. Their coat comes in smooth or wire with the most popular being the smooth variety.

German Shepherd 

Average Cost Between $500-$1,500

As the name implies, these dogs originated in Germany as a medium to large-sized working dog. German Shepherds are natural herders, so they make great working dogs. They also are fantastic as companions and are loyal while being capable of attaining skill in many different functions. They make the best police dogs with their loyal demeanor, obedience, speed, and strength. While the average cost starts at about $500, this specific breed of dog is in high demand, so the costs can climb upwards of $5,000 to acquire one to own as a pet. They also are a great breed to train as service dogs, search and rescue, and have also been used for military purposes.

Average Cost Between $600-$1,500

This large herding dog looks majestic with its thick, white, double-layer coat. It is a relatively rare breed. They make fantastic companions and tend to stay playful even as they age. While they may be hard workers, they are also very affectionate and so friendly that they would make a really poor guard dog. Though, they do bark at everything or everyone who approaches, so they do make excellent watch dogs. They also shed a lot. They are named from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia and are considered to be nomadic reindeer herders. Their breed has become accustomed to pulling sleds and may even try to pull you when you take them for a walk. They have also been given nicknames such as Sammie Smile, or Smiley Dog.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Average Cost Between $800-$1,500

This British breed is a medium size and short-haired. They tend to be stocky, muscular, and very strong for their size. The breed tends to be full of courage and very tenacious. They came about as a result of cross-breeding in Staffordshire between the Bulldog and the English white terrier. These dogs were once used as a fighting dog in England, but they tend to be mostly kind mannered and good with kids. They are considered to be loyal, courageous, and affectionate. They are very social animals and may become anxious or aggressive if they are not properly socialized. They also have a reputation for their pugnaciousness of not backing away when another dog challenges them.

Average Cost Between $800-$1,500

These large dark-colored dogs have a reputation for having a calm personality and a very strong work ethic. They are usually black, brown, or white-and-black. They are giants in the dog family, very intelligent, have great strength, and are loyal. At one time, they were trained to work with fishermen in Newfoundland, Canada. They excel at tasks like lifesaving water rescue since they have great swimming ability, are muscular, and their paws are webbed. Today, the breed mostly serves as good family companions or nanny dogs. This breed tends to have a very deep bark, sweet temperament, and are easy to train if you start early enough.
Canadian Eskimo Dog

Average Cost Between $800-$1,200

The Canadian Eskimo Dog, sometimes referred to as the Canadian Inuit Dog, is a sturdy breed who is powerful, agile, and extremely loyal. It has a history of being confused as wolves. Their coat is very thick and dense with a soft undercoat and stiff, coarse hairs as well as a mane of thick fur around its neck. This Arctic breed of working dogs are well equipped as sled dogs. They have a great work ethic and a lot of stamina. They are tough, brave, intelligent, and alert. They are also affectionate and gentle. This dog breed tends to establish a deep bond with its owner and take absolute delight in cold temperatures. While Canada is in their name, some argue that they are actually from Russia since they were brought from Siberia to North American in the beginning.
Yorkshire Terrier

Average Cost Between $1,200-$1,500

Often referred to as a Yorkie, this Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed that actually comes in a variety of sizes. There is a miniature and even a teacup version of this breed. They make for a great companion especially for adults or families without children. Some make good lap dogs, though Yorkies tend to be very playful and energetic. They also experience separation anxiety when left alone. Often, people who choose to have a Yorkie as a pet opt to have two Yorkshire Terriers to keep each other company. They are active, very protective, curious, and extremely fond of attention. Yorkies are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed and are said to not shed excessively. The dog’s color will most likely change from the dark black and tan coat many display as a puppy. It may take three or more years for the coat to reach its final color, typically of a black or gray.
Old English Sheepdog 

Average Cost Between $1,200-$1,500

Big, smart, calm, and loyal, these dogs make great family dogs. They make wonderful playmates for children. They are considered to be very affectionate but also known to be good watch dogs. They love to have fun. This breed has a loud, distinctive bark. The Old English Sheepdog is known for its shaggy-haired look and movements that resemble a bear. Its coat is highly functional with a double thick coat, it serves as a waterproof insulation to protect the dog when it is cold or wet outside as well as during warm summers. The coat is shaggy and requires a great deal of grooming.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Average Cost Between $800-$2,000

This large teddy-bear like breed tends to be patient, calm, loving, and all around good natured. They make great guard dogs, ready to jump into action when the situation demands. They also make great babysitters for children. This breed is typically good-natured, placid towards strangers, docile, self-assured, and not aggressive, anxious, or overly shy. The Bernese Mountain Dog will only attack if his owner is getting attacked. The dog is slightly longer than it is tall, very muscular, and has a strong, wide back. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a working breed. Originally, this dog was kept as a general farm dog. They have also been used to pull carts. The dog comes with a tri-color coat that is very distinctive of black with white chest and rust colored marking above the eyes, sides of the mouth, and front of the legs.

Saint Bernard

Average Cost Between $800-$2,000

Saint Bernards are great with children and are often used as a nanny dog. This breed is large but lovable, charming, and dependable. They were originally bred to be very large working dogs known for their rescue skills, from the western Alps of Italy and Switzerland. They were also used as large farm dogs to help herd livestock. They are known for their gentle giant temperament. They tend to be calm, patient dogs who are sweet with adults and children. They do need to be socialized with people and with other dogs, though, to keep them from becoming afraid or even aggressively territorial. Overall, they tend to be gentle, loyal, and extremely affectionate. They long to please their owner as an amiable hard worker.


Average Cost $1,500

Is it a cow, or is it a dog? It looks like a cow with its black and white markings, but the coat is fluffy instead. This breed is closely associated with the Newfoundand and is a member of the mastiff family. The two are often confused or mistaken as the other. They tend to be gentle dogs. This breed originated in Canada and is descended from farm dogs who were used by fishermen. They also have a history of being a water dog. They excel at swimming and make a delightful addition to any family. They tend to be calm, affable, gentle, and are easy to train. They love children of any age. Though, they do tend to shed quite a bit twice a year and drool. They also have a lifespan of an average of just 10 years.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Average Cost Between $1,000-$2,000

This dog has it all. Not only will their unusual blue appearance turn some heads, they make great family pets as well. They tend to be loyal companions and good watch dogs. The Kerry Blue Terrier is also sometimes referred to as the Irish Blue Terrier. Either way, blue is the distinctive mark. Though, it is most likely more of a black turned to gray that appears to be bluish. They were originally bred to control rats, rabbits, badgers, foxes, and otters. They were also used to herd cattle and sheep. These dogs are strong-headed and spirited, but they are also loyal and affectionate toward their owners and extremely gentle toward kids. Other animals, including other dogs, however may feel the brunt of their aggression if they are not properly socialized with other dogs early on.

Miniature Bull Terrier

Average Cost Between $1,200-$2,000

This clown prince of the AKC is going to cost some hefty change to own. Their unique egg-shaped heads make them stand out in a crowd. It is their mischievous temperament that makes them require a lot of hands-on attention. They are described as upbeat, mischievous, and comical. They seem to be fearless. At times, they can be extremely stubborn. In spite of this, they make a good dog for people who have limited living space. They are also courageous and are not afraid to challenge larger dogs. They are energetic and playful and love people. They require very little grooming and a great deal of training as well as exercise to avoid obesity.

Akita Inu

Average Cost Between $750-$2,500

This breed is beautifully stately and majestic. It is a prized breed in Japan. If a breeder tries to sell you an Akita for less than $500, question the dog’s health. This dog breed is known to be fearless and brave, yet somehow behaves calm, quiet, and dignified. They are independent and reserved around strangers but are docile and extremely loyal to their owners. They will not tolerate nonsense. They were originally bred to hunt bears but now make great pets, therapy dogs, or even police and military dogs. Their personalities are complex. They require firm training from the start.

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