This No-Dye, Lifestyle Tweak May Naturally Reverse Gray Hair

Life with gray hair can be challenging, and trying to cover it up by constantly dyeing it can be even more difficult. If you’re tired of reaching for the packet of dye or having to rush to regular hairstyling appointments, there might be a new solution on the horizon. A 2021 study found that there could be a way for people to reverse back their gray hairs into their natural, darker shades. How amazing is that?

Stress Is a Major Factor in Getting Gray Hairs

This should come as no surprise, but multiple studies have proven that stress is one of the main factors that influence hair color and it turning gray, often prematurely. If you’re stressed out because of your work or personal life, it’s likely that you’ll start seeing gray hairs sooner rather than later. Prompted to study the effects of reducing stress, scientists from Columbia University initiated a study. In it, they decided to take a closer look at how reducing the number of stress levels can help people reverse the effect of hair aging and turning gray.

The Study

The 2021 study was led by author Martin Picard, PhD, from Columbia University, and its goal was to observe the hair changes of 14 individuals by tracking their behavior. The participants were asked to keep a diary of their weekly stress levels depending on what they were doing throughout the day over the course of the study. Of course, the findings of this research should be taken with a grain of salt because of its relatively small scale and the need to dig deeper into the topic.

The Findings

The findings, however, were more than curious. Researchers discovered that individuals who decreased their levels of stress experienced a reduction in the number of new gray hairs and observed the creation of new, dark hairs. For example, one of the participants went on vacation, and five hairs on that person’s head actually reverted back to dark during the vacation. This is a strong signal to Picard and his colleagues that more studies are necessary to truly uncover all potential benefits of reducing stress levels for the overall biological aging of the body.

When discussing his research, Picard explained that the data he compiled with his colleagues “adds to a growing body of evidence” that proves human aging isn’t a linear, fixed biological process, but it’s rather something that can be “halted or even temporarily reversed.” He believes that by better understanding the mechanisms that allow gray hairs to return to their “young,” pigmented states, researchers can find new clues about the malleability of aging and how it can be influenced.

A “Simple” Lifestyle Tweak

If there’s one lesson you can learn from this study it is this — the more you reduce your stress levels, the higher the chances of reversing your gray hairs back to their younger selves. In other words, try to dedicate enough “me time,” find more moments to relax, and never stop seeking the balance between all aspects of your life. It’s easier said than done, but it’s an important goal to have. Reducing your overall stress levels plays a major role not only in helping you deal with gray hairs but also in managing other signs of aging, both inside and out.

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