Man Finds Strange Snake In Backyard – When The Vet Sees It He Says “This Can’t Be True”

Peter was lying down in his backyard reading a book. When his wife Rosa walked outside, she immediately screamed, “SNAKE”. Peter looked around and saw the snake Rosa was talking about. It was not a large snake. Peter told Rosa he would deal with it.But when Peter wanted to catch it, he saw the snake growing arms, what was happening!?

Snake with arms

Peter saw the snake growing those tiny arms, he was in complete shock. What was happening, could it be a very dangerous snake? Rosa was screaming at Peter to come inside, but Peter was actually fascinated about what was happening, which he shouldn’t be…

Catching the snake

He decided to catch the snake since it was so little, it did not look scary at all. When he caught the snake with his bare hands, the snake quickly bit him in the arm. He put the snake in a shoebox. He called Rosa for help with the wound.


Rosa was scared to enter the backyard, but Peter told her he had put the snake in a shoebox. He told Rosa he needed help to bandage the wound, it was bleeding quite fast. After tying the bandage around his arm, Peter started to feel unwell…

Rushing to the vet

Rosa quickly called the vet about what had happened. The vet told Rosa to immediately take Peter to his office so they could look at what was going on. In the car, Peter began to feel worse and worse. Will they get there in time?

As pale as a ghost

His wife looked at her husband in fear because he looked as pale as a ghost. They finally arrive at the vet’s office, and they burst inside. The vet took one look at Peter, one look inside the box, and immediately turned pale.

Something special about this snake

“This can’t be true,” the vet mumbled. He took the animal to the back and quickly gave Peter a shot. He looked confused and told Peter everything.

But what was so special about this snake?

A new hobby

It was summer, and Peter worked in his garden. Since retiring from the military, Peter had to find other things to do with his time, and he discovered that he really liked the outdoors. He redid the driveway and built a little patio for his wife, Rosa. But he had never expected to find something like this in his garden.

Starting to look like a mess

Peter wanted to build a big pond in his backyard with koi fish and lots of flowers around it. So he rented all the gear and started digging. Unfortunately, the garden soon began to look like a mess, and Rosa doubted the garden would turn out alright. Peter was a hobby gardener, after all.

Touching a nerve

He worked on the pond for four days, and it looked like he was digging deeper and deeper. Rosa worried that he might hit a sewer pipe of some sort, so she asked her husband if they could hire a professional instead. But Peter reacted in a way she had never foreseen.

A destruction sight

Peter took her question by heart and felt like his wife didn’t believe in him. This only made things worse, and he stopped working on the pond, which left the garden looking like a total destruction sight for a few days. But Peter was a man who didn’t give up so easily.

Making a big mistake

One day, he suddenly picked up his shuffle again and got to work. He didn’t care what his wife told him. He did it for himself. So he finally finished digging and laid down a tarp and stones. He researched what a koi pond needed and provided everything with care. But he will soon find out he made a big mistake.

Dying water plants

Everything started to come together, and the pond was ready for the fish. Peter was proud of himself, and even his wife, Rosa, praised him for his fantastic work. But there was one thing that seemed to be wrong with the pond. No matter how hard he tried, his water plants seemed to keep dying.

What was going wrong

Peter didn’t know what he was doing wrong. So he googled it and tried every so-called remedy. And if that wasn’t enough, something else started to happen that made Peter feel even worse than he already did.

Where is it?

One morning, when he went to the pond to feed the fish, Peter noticed one of them was gone. He looked around the pond to see if it might have jumped out, but it was nowhere to be found. How was this possible?

Maybe this helps?

Peter quickly put a net over the pond because he thought a bird might have stolen his fish, but that didn’t help. Every day more and more fish started to disappear. What is going on, why was this happening to him?

One week later

The following week, Peter woke up and looked out his window. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His beautiful pond was no more. All the fish were gone, and now it looked like a sad, empty puddle.

I got you

Rosa got up and hugged her husband from behind. She wanted to comfort her husband, but he gently pushed her away and got dressed in silence. He walked straight to the pond and stood in front of it.


Out of nowhere, Peter started throwing rocks in the pond. He raged through the garden, throwing things and kicking things. Finally, all his frustration came out at once. He started to scream things, which got noticed by Rosa.

What was he doing?

Rosa stood behind the window, looking at her husband. She let him have his moment in the hopes that he would pick everything up later and maybe feel a little better. But her hopes were in vain.

Not in the mood

For the next week, Peter only stayed inside. He didn’t even look at the garden and its chaos. He felt defeated and didn’t want anything to do with his pond anymore. Rosa felt sorry for him, but she did not know how to cheer him up.

Reading a book

Peter had given up on his pond and was lying down in his backyard reading a book. At that moment, Rosa walked outside and saw what was happening to his pond! There was an animal inside, a snake!

Drain the pond!

Peter decided to drain the water so the snake could not hide but the snake could move quickly through the mud. He was not sure how he could catch this snake. But then the strangest thing happened.

Sneaky animal

He saw the snake growing arms! Peter was in complete shock. He had to catch the snake. Peter was waiting for the right moment. He was not sure if the snake was venomous or not, but the adrenaline was high.

Time to catch

Peter crouched in the pond and sat as still as possible. The animal started moving again and suddenly poked his head out of the mud. It startled Peter, and he grabbed the animal out of panic.

Caught it!

He yanked the snake out of the mud and held it in front of him. What kind of snake was this? Its tail swung angrily back and forth. But there was something else about this snake, something he had never seen before.


Peter couldn’t believe his eyes. He was quickly putting the snake inside a shoebox. When Rosa ran outside, she screamed at the sight of the snake. She couldn’t believe that Peter was holding it in his hands.


Unfortunately, Peter was too late. The snake bit Peter’s arm, and he screamed in pain. His arm started bleeding quickly. He quickly put the snake inside the shoebox, and Rosa grabbed a bandage to tie around his arm.

Calling the vet

Peter told Rosa what he had seen, and she couldn’t believe it. Why would you do something stupid? Could this snake be venomous? Rosa quickly called the vet, who told them to come to his office as soon as possible.

Rushing to the vet

Rosa raced Peter to the vet because he was looking worse and worse. When they arrived at the vet, he was in shock to see the condition of Peter. The vet focused first on Peter, giving him an antidote just in case the snake was venomous.


Peter started to feel a lot better after the antidote. The vet advised Peter to go to the hospital just to be sure, meanwhile, he would examine the snake. When the vet took a look at the snake he turned pale…


Rosa drove Peter to the nearest hospital. After explaining what happened, the assistant told them to go see doctor James. They had to wait a few minutes, but then James was ready to take a look a Peter.

Running tests

James did some routine checks on Peter, and also took a blood sample to check if nothing strange was in his blood. These were some nerve recking minutes for Peter, what if the bite was venomous?

Bad news

While they were waiting for the results, Peter got a call from the vet. He could not tell him everything yet as he was still running some lab tests, but he suspects that Peter could have poison in his blood!

Venomous snake?

“What do I need to do?” Peter asked immediately. The vet said to Peter that it was best to wait for the outcome of the results from the doctor. He was unsure because even though the first results suggested the snake was venomous, it was not certain.

Results are back

A few moments later, James called Peter back to his office. Peter was very nervous about what was happening to him, but he still felt good after the shot from the vet. James told Peter that there was something in his blood…


James prescribed a number of medicines Peter could get on the ground floor of the hospital. It was nothing to worry about, he told Peter. The snake was indeed venomous, but these medicines should help Peter to get better.

Wait a second…

Peter got out of the office and saw Rosa waiting, after he told Rosa what the doctor told him, she was relieved he was ok. They went downstairs and got the medicines the doctor prescribed. At that moment, the vet called them…

To the vet

The vet asked Peter to come to his office, he had the outcome of the test he had run on the snake. Rosa told him to let it go, as he had been enough today, but Peter was too curious to not visit the vet and see the results. After all, this snake destroyed his beloved pond.

The vet was waiting

Rosa dropped Peter off at the vet. Peter walked inside and saw the vet waiting for him. He looked happy, which confused Peter. He told him to come, he had to see the results. Peter was interested to see what it was.

All these snakes

Peter saw the snake which bit him inside this cage. The snake still had those little arms he grew inside his pond. The vet was very enthusiastic, he told Peter, maybe you did not realize what you did, but this is very special.

DNA results

The vet showed Peter the DNA results of the snake, but Peter did not understand what it said. The vet explained that this is a very rare snake, which turned out to be an almost extinct species.

What does it say?

What makes this snake special, Peter asked the vet. The vet explained to Peter that the venom of this snake might made Peter feel sick, it is used to cure rare diseases people suffer from. And because of Peters finding more people can receive the antidote.

One more thing

Peter was happy to hear that. My beloved pond was not destroyed for nothing, he told the vet. When the vet heard the complete story of Peter’s pond, he laughed. However, there is still one thing left, he told Peter.

What are you going to do?

The snake has to be put in the right hands. See, this snake is also worth a lot on the black market, and because Peter found the snake, he is the owner of the snake. The vet is obliged to return the snake back to Peter…

My snake!

Peter arrived home with the snake inside a cage. When Rosa saw the cage, she screamed, how could he take this thing back home. Peter told Rosa what the vet told him, it was his snake now. He was not sure what to do.

Online research

Peter got more and more tempted to look online at what this snake was worth. After some research, he saw the snake was worth a lot of money. The bids were in the five figures. When Rosa heard this, she was curious about what Peter was going to do.


Peter and Rosa talked for quite some time, on the one hand, the right thing to do is to turn it back to the vet, but on the other hand, they could really use the money. Rosa told Peter, whatever you choose to do with it, I know it will be the right choice…

Choice has been made

The vet is surprised when he hears someone is waiting for him, as he closed 10 minutes ago. It is Peter! He tells James he saw the bids people made for this snake, but he could not ignore the good things the right people can do with this snake, and therefore gives to snake to the vet


The next morning, Peter wakes up from someone ringing the bell very early. It is James, the vet, with all these gardening tools. To thank Peter for making the right choice, he is going to help him finally get his beloved pond working!


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.

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