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15 Bizarre Underwater Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

Not only do great wonders exist on the ground, there are also some bizarre and magnificent things to be discovered underwater. They will blow your mind.

1. “Ancient” Chinese City

The ancient Chinese city, Shi Cheng city, was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-200) and still remains submerged 85-131 feet deep down Qiandao Lake of China.

2. Apollo 11’s Engines

An engine used in Apollo 11 takeoff was found forty-four years after the legendary flight in the Atlantic Ocean with the financial help of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

3. The Lost City Of Heracleion

It took the famous archaeologist Frank Goddio 5 years to find the lost city of Heracleion, whose existence will tell us something about its past glory.

4. Blackbeard Pirate Ship And Gunnery

The Queen Anne’s Revenge was most famous as a flagship of Blackbeard the pirate. Abandoned in 1718 after running aground at Beaufort Inlet, the pirate ship wasn’t discovered until 1966, with big guns and cannons still intact.

5. Spiders

Don’t be surprised if you find spiders underwater because they have air pockets on their webs that give them breathable air to protect them.

6. A Sculpture Park

Brave divers can enjoy an eye feast of 500 lifelike sculptures off the coast of Cancun.

7. Train Graveyard

Two steam locomotives from the 1850s were discovered 90 feet deep the coast of New Jersey in 1985.

8. The Underwater River

This underwater river Cenote Angelita (Spanish for “Little Angel”) located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is the result of a salt water and fresh water mixture.

9. Underwater Sinkhole

There are sinkholes not only on the ground but also on the ocean floor. Sea level changes, water, chemicals, time and just a few of the reasons why an underwater sinkhole is formed.

10. Sweepstakes

Built in Burlington, Ontario in 1867, the Canadian schooner was dragged to Big Tub Harbour after its damage off Cove Island and then sank into the water in 1885.

11. Jurassic Microbes

In 2012, the oldest living organisms on the planet were discovered in deep sea water. Microbes from the Jurassic era were found that hadn’t eaten a thing for 86 million years.

12. The Antikythera Mechanism

This Antikythera mechanism was discovered probably in 1901 and is believed to be an ancient Greek analog computer designed to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendrical and astrological purposes.

13. SS President Coolidge

In the picture iyou can see the Lady Elizabethan porcelain statue from the SS President Coolidge, which was sunk by mines in Espiritu Santo.

14. Manganese Balls

Manganese Balls are spread all over the world, but mainly in the Pacific.

15. The Ghost Fleet

The Ghost Fleet is a World War II graveyard of segments from almost 40 bombed vehicles near Chuuk Lagoon during World War II.

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